Stargate’s Future at Amazon May Include Movies and Series

Molly Templeton at writes:

When Amazon Studios bought the legendary movie studio MGM last year, they bought a huge catalog of movie and television properties. Obviously, they weren’t just going to sit on those new acquisitions—not when there are always remakes and reboots to create!
According to Deadline, executives have been combing through that catalog, deciding which bits of intellectual property are best suited to being further developed—and sorting out the rights to said projects.

A handful of projects have been chosen for movie or TV development—and Stargate is among them.
The future potential of Stargate has been discussed for years and years, but the last related project to come to fruition was the brief web series Stargate Origins in 2018. Before Amazon bought MGM, there was talk of a Stargate revival featuring members of the Stargate SG-1 cast. Once upon a time, there were plans for a Stargate Extinction movie.

Stargate’s Future at Amazon May Include Movies and Series