Nova Mob, Feb 2nd, 2022: Dangerous Visions and New Worlds

Iain McIntyre talks about the new book edited with Andrew Nette:

The cover of the book launched November, 2021

Dangerous Visions and New Worlds offers a birds eye view of a period when we were most passionate—about literature, the arts and the sciences, and when we let the rockets explore the universe while we turned to explore the multiverse in terms of the human psyche. Powered by a faith that fiction—especially speculative fiction—could change the world—the New Wave allied with the Underground Press, the Left and the world of rock and roll to create a cultural explosion. This book recalls the highly individualistic writers, with often radically different approaches.”

—Michael Moorcock

At the March 2nd Nova Mob, Perry Middlemiss will be looking at the short fiction from 1965.