Exploration Story Bundle

The Sci-Fi Exploration Bundle – curated by Adam Gaffen:

Exploration. It’s hardwired into humanity’s genes.

As far back into history you want to go, there have always been people who want to push the boundaries of what we know. Whether that was looking to the stars and wondering where those twinkling lights came from, or what was across that intimidating-looking ocean, or what the purpose of all that red stuff inside the human body, the questions never seemed to end.

That spirit of exploration has never stopped. It’s alive today, as we push boundaries in space, on the planet, and into the dreams of cyberspace. We’ve gathered ten notable authors to give you their takes on where humanity’s endless curiosity might take us.

— from Adam Gaffen’s description of the bundle.

Come with us as our voyage of exploration begins!

You can read more about the bundle here — the bundle is available until May 5th.