International Guests in Canberra: Mar 22

Gillian notes

CSFG [Canberra SAfGroup] has a couple of international special guests, and, since they may well be of interest to members of Critical Mass and Nova Mob, we’d like to invite you to join us. Please don’t share the link anywhere public

Hoping to see some of you there!

Gillian Polack

Livia has done something amazing. She has persuaded Cristina Jurado and Vanesa O’Toole to come and chat with us, this coming Wednesday. She and I were talking about how to talk about translation, code shifting, working in more than one language, and different expectations for writing (what makes a good SF work in Spanish? Is it the same as in English?). I’m hoping we can talk about markets, similar experiences in being outside the US and such things, but the focus is the language issues. Bring your questions, and prepare for a really special Novel Vague meeting.

I’ll open the room for the meeting at 6.30 pm, but the meeting doesn’t start until 7. Opening it early is so that those who want to chat, can. Here is the link. Please do not share it publicly – but feel free to invite friends who don’t want to miss this very special international Novel Vague,

Time: Mar 22, 2023 06:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney / 6pm Adelaide

[To Join Zoom Meeting, contact Roman at websmith at for details.]

Guest bios:

Cristina Jurado is a bilingual author of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other hybrid genres, as well as editor, translator, and sf promoter. In 2019 she became the first female author to win the Best Novel Ignotus Award (Spain’s Hugo) for Bionautas. Her recent fiction includes the novella ChloroPhilia (Apex Publishing), the novel Bionautas (Twine), her collection Alphaland (Calque) and many stories in various venues, such as Strange Horizons, Clarkesworld, Apex magazine, and The Best of World SF by Head of Zeus.

Her works have been translated into English, Italian, Romanian, Chinese and Japanese.
As editor she has published: Alucinadas, the first anthology of sf short stories written by women in Spanish (translated into English as Spanish Women of Wonder): Infiltradas, the first anthology of feminist sf articles, which won the Best Non-Fiction Book Ignotus Award in 2020; and Todos los demás planetas, an sf anthology focused on inclusive language.
In 2015 Cristina founded SuperSonic, winner of three Best Magazine Ignotus Awards and honored by the European Science Fiction association (ESFS) as Best Zine in 2016 and Best Magazine in 2017. She has worked as international editor for Apex magazine and has co-edited with Lavie Tidhar The Apex Book of World SF #5, focused on speculative fiction around the world. Distinguished as Europe’s Best SF Promoter Award in 2020, she has worked as editor and contributor in Apex magazine and Constelación magazine, and as Spanish slush reader for Clarkesworld.

Vanesa O’Toole was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1981. Although she is a writer of different literary genres, she loves to approach other realities through fantasy, horror, and science fiction.
Her interest is to tell stories, so she does not limit herself to just literature but also writes for other audiovisual formats such as theater, radio plays, film, television, and more.
She participated in the organization and production of interdisciplinary book presentations at the Roca Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Book and Language Museum, cultural centers, thematic fairs, among others. She has also been invited as a speaker at book fairs (in Buenos Aires City, province, and interior of Argentina), MICA, Tecnópolis, Kirchner Cultural Center, National Library, Book and Language Museum, Argentina ComicCon, Fantasticon, Faerie Fantasy, Frikipalooza, and various thematic events.
She performs integral cultural management tasks and was a founding partner of the Argentine Fantastic Literature Writers (E.L.F.A.). In addition, she teaches personalized writing workshops and is a professor in the Radio and Television Scriptwriting program at the Higher Institute of Radio Education (ISER). As the director of Editorial Thelema, she has published over 70 books. As a writer, she has published 25 titles, including her own books and anthologies.
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