Nova Mob, Oct 5th: Inspiration

Murray: We are delighted to have Kaaron Warren as our guest tomorrow night – or tonight, if you are reading this on Wednesday 5 October – Australian speculative fiction and horror writer extraordinaire, and World Fantasy Convention Guest of Honour (Brighton, 2018)!

It’s a Zoom meeting only. There will not be anyone at the Kensington Town Hall. Nor at the Doutta Galla Pub, either. So don’t go there. Well, you can, but you’ll miss the crowd and our excellent speaker. Zoom link is below.

Kaaron Warren – “Inspiration, or let’s actually talk about where you get your ideas from”

October 5 – remotely by Zoom.

“I like the idea of talking about inspirations. “Where do you get your ideas?” is a much-maligned question, I believe! Most of my stories have a very clear starting point and I’d be happy to talk about that, where ideas came from for various short stories and novels, and what’s exciting me at the moment.

“I’d like to do a short reading, and I think questions from the audience as we go as well as at the end.” 

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Wednesday 5 October

8.00pm – 9.30 pm Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time
7.30pm – 9.00pm Adelaide time
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Passcode: nova

Meeting ID: 417 758 3193

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About Kaaron Warren

Kaaron speaks from deep knowledge of inspiration and ideas. Her bibliography includes six novels and over one hundred short stories published over a career of thirty years.

She is also a host of the “Let the Cat In” podcast, which focuses on creativity. 

Let the Cat In podcast

July 17, 2022 by kaaronwarren

“Aaron Dries, Joseph Ashley-Smith and I are about to get started on Season Two of our Let the Cat in Podcast, where we talk about ideas, inspirations, embarrassments and more. Last season we had an array of amazing people on: Isobelle Carmody, Sean Williams, Ellen Datlow, Garth Nix, Kathe Koja, Lynda E Rucker, Brian Evenson, JS Breukelaar, Paul Tremblay, John Langan, Melinda Smith and Dan O’Malley. I re-listen to all of these episodes to give me a creative jolt when I need one.

“I’m trying to decide what to talk about. What’s been inspiring you lately?

You can listen in here to last season:,Warren%2C%20Aaron%20Dries%20and%20J.

Add to that her activities as fan, convention-goer, blogger, and award winner – by my count, seven Ditmars and many many Aurealis Awards. 

Much thanks to Lucy Sussex for arranging for Kaaron to be our guest.