Critical Mass June 22nd: Daughters of Eve

Our guest speaker in June is Nina D Campbell, who has just published her crime novel, Daughters of Eve. Nina studied theatre and literature at university before stumbling into the world of work in the midst of the recession that we had to have. She cobbled together a respectable career as a professional writer, working across the community and public sectors, before a midlife health challenge changed her priorities. Nina now writes fiction full-time, with a focus on stories about strong women.

When a high-profile murder lands literally at her feet, Detective Emilia Hart sees a chance to expand her caseload beyond the endless succession of domestic violence she is forced to investigate. But this is no simple investigation. Another body, turns up, then another. Then more – a lot more. All men, all shot with a similar MO. It’s not until a manifesto taking credit for the crimes is published by a group calling themselves Daughters of Eve that Hart confirms a link between the victims.

Topic: Critical Mass
Time: Jun 22, 2022 6:30pm Adelaide / 7pm Melbourne

Doors open at Kappys in Compton St at 6:15, meeting starts at 6:30 Adelaide time.

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