Critical Mass April 27th: Best Short Story

As agreed last time, we would look at the recent winners of Best Short Story for the Hugo, Nebula, Ditmar and BSFA Awards for 2021. (Since the BSFA won’t be declared before easter, we’re looking at the 2020 recipient).

Hugo: “Metal Like Blood in the Dark”, T. Kingfisher (Uncanny Magazine, September/October 2020)
Nebula: “Open House on Haunted Hill”, John Wiswell
Ditmar: “The Calenture”, Kaaron Warren (Of Gods and Globes II) Kindle ebook AUS$4.84
BSFA: “Infinite Tea in the Demara Cafe”, Ida Keogh (London Centric) ebook AUS$7.71

*= text available online
The Ditmar/BSFA winners are in the collections cited (prices from

We will meet at 6:30pm at Kappys (unless there is an outbreak, check the website on the day),
or via zoom:

Critical Mass, 6:30 April 27th Adelaide time (7pm Melbourne):

Meeting ID: 892 7567 5259
Passcode: CritMass

Here’s the Crit Mass/Nova Mob zine 2022 (If you want a paper version, print on a3 double sided.)