That’s Weird…

Something doesn’t feel quite right. The world around you seems a little…off. Things turn strange and fluid, as if you’re trapped inside a dream…but you aren’t. Something about you might have changed in a fundamental way that you sense but can’t understand. This is what weird fiction at its best feels like…and this bundle explores its many worlds through the eyes of authors who’ve mastered its dark and disorienting ways.

Let Samuel R. Delany, a living literary legend by any definition, guide you through the universe of weird science fiction (with an introduction by master fantasist and fellow legend Neil Gaiman of Sandman and Good Omens fame). Joe R. Lansdale, whose books spawned the Hap and Leonard TV series, will give you a crash course on weird Western tales and weird pulp fiction. Ramsey Campbell, impresario extraordinaire of dark fiction, will throw you headfirst into the realm of weird horror. Experience surreal weird fiction with Michael Cisco and Ray Vukcevich, retro weird scifi with Jeffrey Thomas, and classic, Gothic weird with the incredible Elizabeth Hand. By the time you’re done with the tour, you will have a deeper understanding of weird fiction’s many outposts and byways…and perhaps you’ll have a greater desire to explore that intricate universe more thoroughly.

The Many Worlds of Weird Fiction Bundle, curated by Robert Jeschonek,