Nova Mob: Paul Voermans Oct 6

Murray notes:
As our lockdown continues and Victoria opens up on the modelling that it’ll be a 50/50 coin-toss whether or not our hospitals get overwhelmed, I’m hoping that your spirits are well and you and your friends and family are reaching out to each other with care and fun.

Here’s some fun! Paul Voermans is our guest at the Nova Mob on Wednesday 6 October! 

Paul will be telling us about his latest novel, 2020’s The White Library. It is highly likely that byways and tangents of sfnal, surrealist and fannish interest may be pointed at, explored, and poked with sticks.

“the novel is a joy to read, brimming with wild ideas, vibrant characters and a cinematic, sense-of-wonder denouement”
— Ian Mond, in Locus

Paul says, “I’ve attended a few Nova Mobs in my day, but I assume that this one will not include attending a restaurant in Richmond! I suspect that dates me….” 

In truth it dates all of us because that was pre-pandemic. Our meeting will be by Zoom, invitation below, but first the calendar:


Sep 28 – Nova Mob Special 1-hour meeting: Clarke Awards announcement.

Oct 6 – Paul Voermans on The White Library.

Oct 27 – Critical Mass Adelaide – Online SF Magazines Lightspeed, Escape Pod, Uncanny.

Oct 29 – Australian Science Fiction Foundation Awards Night with Nova Mob party room.

Nov 3 – Ian Mond – 2021’s ten best books of SF interest not branded as SF.

Nov 27 – Critical Mass Adelaide – Roman Orszanski on Empires, Galactic and Magic. 

Dec 1 – Iain McIntyre – Dangerous Visions and New Worlds: Radical Science Fiction, 1950 to 1985 by Andrew Nette and Iain McIntyre.

Dec 18 – end of year Nova Mob lunch hopefully face to face. To be confirmed, it’s subject to  pandemic restrictions and requirements.

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Meeting: Paul Voermans on The White Library (2020)

You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting of the Nova Mob.

Date and Time: Oct 6, 2021 8:00pm Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, 7:30pm Adelaide

Join Zoom Meeting

Passcode: nova

Meeting ID: 417 758 3193

Paul speaks from about 8.10pm to around 9.00pm followed by questions and discussions. Formal close after discussions, say 9.20pm, and final close for those who wish to linger and chat will be at or before 10pm.