Nova Mob April 7th: Jane Routley

It’s with considerable delight that our speaker this Wednesday is Jane Routley, who will discuss her latest and just-launched fantasy novel “Shadow in the Empire of Light”. That meeting is a mere 48 hours away as I type this and Jane will be bringing copies along for the actual in-person signing thereof. More important is actually… getting… published…., and that it’s a good book (It’s a good book). Come along and hear Jane talk about the story of the novel, and the story of the writer. 

Jane will be speaking face to face at the Kensington Town Hall only.  There won’t be a zoom option for this Nova Mob event, more on this below. 

Jane is also known as Rebecca Locksley.

Jane Routley – After the launch:
“Shadow in the Empire of Light”

Wednesday April 7th

8.00pm – 9.30 pm or so, Melbourne time

Only at the first floor Conference Room,  

Kensington Town Hall

30 – 34 Bellair St

Kensington VIC 3031

Please don’t attend the physical meeting if you are feeling ill. At the Conference Room the sign-in obligations are as light as practicable – you’ll simply be asked for a contact phone number. Please do read the Nova Mob’s Safety Plan if you haven’t already. The Kensington Town Hall operators have locked the kitchen so please bring your own coffee. Nibbles will be provided as usual. 

Take a look here for the book launch:


I first announced the April meeting as being an acknowledgement of the late Yvonne Rousseau. That acknowledgement is in preparation and will take place at a future Nova Mob.

Zoom meetings are seeing more people attend remotely than for the physical meetings at Kensington Town Hall and a good thing too because there’s a pandemic on. Change is likely: With vaccination under way, some of the previous habits will return. At this stage I’m wondering how it would work if we went entirely Zoom for remote external guest speakers, and entirely in-person Mob meetings when the speaker is speaking face to face at the Kensington Town Hall. Your thoughts please; it’s obviously something to discuss.

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SF COMMENTARY March 2021 has landed in the letterbox from Bruce Gillespie and it’s up to the usual handsome standard. The 80 pages include a conclave-cum-conversation about the late John Bangsund; a lettercol of interest, and a deep dive into current science fiction novels and criticism from the ANU’s Colin Steele, thirty pages of reviews among which I note Susanna Clarke; Cory Doctorow; Naomi Novik; Terry Pratchett; Don DeLillo; Alex Pheby; Paul McAuley. From efanzines.comor the editor:

Murray, from the Nova Mob newsletter