Nova Mob, June 3rd

We are welcome to join the online Nova Mob this Wednesday at 7:30 Adelaide time.
Alan Stewart is Nova Mob’s speaker on this coming Wednesday 3rd June.  His chosen topic is the Wilds Cards series, first published in 1987 and still going strong almost fifty books later. What is the secret of Wild Cards’ almost superhuman longevity?
Alan knows a thing or two about lengthy series and hyper-productive authors and will be bringing some keen insights to the question and the series.
For those wondering what sort of deal they are getting into, Wild Cards is described in the Clute/ Stableford Encyclopedia as an “Original-Anthology series, edited by George R R Martin, with the initially unacknowledged collaboration of Melinda M Snodgrass, variously credited from the sixth volume on, set in a Shared World, almost every volume being a Braid of stories by various authors woven into a more-or-less integrated narrative.
Martin prefers to think of these books, because their contents are planned and linked, often as “mosaic novels”…. Wild Cards is one of the better shared-worlds series, showcasing hard-edged writing by Edward Bryant, Pat Cadigan, Cherie Priest, Lewis Shiner, Carrie Vaughn, Howard Waldrop, Walter Jon Williams, Roger Zelazny and others.”

Alan Stewart: Wild Cards – persistence of a Shared World vision
7:30pm (Adelaide time), Wednesday 3rd June,  Nova Mob by Zoom
Part 1 Time: Jun 3, 2020 08:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney; 7:30pm Adelaide time
Zoom Meeting duration 8.00pm to 8.40pm. Use this link to join, click on it or cut-and-paste into your browser.
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Part 2 details please log in by 8.55pm. (Do feel free to dial in earlier for general chat. Zoom will open this meeting from 8.45pm but Alan’s talk formally resumes at 8.55pm which gives a 15 minutes intermission)
8.55pm – 9.25pm Melbourne time 3rd June; 8:25 – 9:05 Adelaide time
Alan Stewart on Wild Cards Part 2
Time: Jun 3, 2020 08:45 for 8.55pm PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney. Join at:
Meeting ID: 417 758 3193
Password: nova