Crit mass Wed, Oct 2: Spec Non-Fic

Through the Looking Glass To See What is Reflected in the Magic Mirror: a guided tour to speculative non-fiction

Jeff Harris notes:
Speculation is a natural part of the human imagination. Science fiction thrives on it. But it is found across the sciences, philosophy, the social sciences, and other intellectual disciplines including the popular imagination. Some of these places will be visited. Certain locations will be avoided: the pseudosciences and other forms of pseudodoxy. This talk will look at the curious and quaint relationships between science-fiction and speculative nonfiction, and certainly not the literary conceits of the kind found at
Apologies for the title. It’s a twisty metaphor for our proposed trip into the conceptual realm.
As usual, 6:45 at Kappys, 22 Compton St, Adelaide for a 7pm start!