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Tor regularly publishes short fiction on their website.
Here are some recent entries of interest…

  • The Last Voyage of Skidbladnir / 
    Life on the transdimensional ship Skidbladnir is a strange one. The new janitor, Saga, finds herself in the company of an officious steward-bird, a surly and mysterious engineer, and the shadowy Captain.
  • The Word of Flesh and Soul / 
    Fantasy || The language of the originators defines reality, every word warping the world to fit its meaning…
  • Bread and Milk and Salt / 
  • Fitting In /  
  • AI and the Trolley Problem / 
  • Nine Last Days on Planet Earth / 
    Science Fiction ||  When the seeds rained down from deep space, it may have been the first stage of an alien invasion—or something else entirely.
  • Triquetra / 
    Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tales and Folklore || After marrying the prince and having her own child, Snow White visits her stepmother—promising to kill her in ever more horrible ways, at the same time attempting to stay away from the mirror that started it all.