An Age of Wonder

“…Hollywood frequently falls into the trap of making films which, while ostensibly about the lead woman, are actually all about the men in their lives, and thus deform the narrative arc of the film by not trusting a woman to carry its emotional weight.

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman doesn’t do that. It does something entirely different, something I’ve never actually seen a big budget Hollywood film do before. It tells the story of a woman’s coming of age, both as an adult and a hero—mirroring the heroic coming-of-age stories we’ve seen for so many men, but with Diana of Themiscyra in the central role.”

— Liz Bourke, writing on about Wonder Woman

The general consensus on Wonder Woman at Continuum 13 was that it’s a hit. (Patty Jenkins will be able to name her price for directing the sequel, because they didn’t offer her the common bonus to be available to direct when she made the first movie.)SWM-wonder-woman