Critical Mass: a pre-season start

Before we start the series of talks proper, we thought it would be good to have a session for newcomers.

Come along and

  • Find out how to give talks to Critical Mass;
  • How to read and contribute to the website; and
  • Suggest what you’d like us to feature this year.

So for February 1st, we invite you to think about what you’ve read/seen/heard in 2016 and tell us

(a) what’s new and exciting

— why is it interesting?

— is there anything like it in the field of sf/fantasy?

(b) what old stuff you’re discovered in the last year;

(c) what you’ve enjoyed over the new year break.

As usual, a 7pm start at kappys, 22 Compton St in the City on Wednesday, Feb 1st

Bring your mobile device to look at the website!