July Crit Mass

Just for a change (OK, because no-one offered a talk!), we thought we’d try a panel discussion. So if you are turning up at Kappys for the July meeting (Wed the 6th, 7pm), be prepared to talk for five minutes on one of the following:

  • The best SF I read last year
  • My favourite forgotten author
  • The SF book that made me a fan of the stuff.

Our calendar for the rest of the year looks a trifle sparse

  • Aug:  Roman on Audio SF: audiobooks, radio dramas and podcasts;
  • Sept: TBA
  • Oct: TBA
  • Nov: TBA
  • Dec: Dinner

Those “TBA” above mean that no-one has volunteered to give a talk! If there’s no interest, we will finish the year after the August meeting. If you want to volunteer a talk, or discuss how to give a talk, contact Adam or Roman, or leave a comment here.