Storybundle bargains

If you’re quick, and are interested in ebooks, you might catch the bargain currently available at storybundle. Pay what you like, but you could get access to download up to eight excellent story collections. I think the Pat Murphy alone is worth the bundle.
The offer should be good until June 1st

The Green Leopard Plague by Walter Jon Williams
“In this provocative, entertaining collection of nine reprints, Williams (Implied Spaces) brings together tales of the College of Mystery as well as other explorations of the gray region where psyche and technology meet. ”
                         – Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

Women Up to No Good by Pat Murphy
Reading Pat Murphy’s outstanding science fiction is always mind-expanding, the equivalent of traveling to other worlds from the comfort of my armchair.”
                          – Ravenswood Reviews

Strange Ladies: 7 Stories by Lisa Mason
“Lisa Mason might just be the female Phillip K. Dick. Like Dick, Mason’s stories are far more than just sci-fi tales, they are brimming with insight into human consciousness and the social condition….a sci-fi collection of excellent quality….you won’t want to miss it.”
                          – The Book Brothers Review Blog

Collected Stories by Lewis Shiner
“These 41 powerful stories cover Shiner’s career across three decades and multiple genres, showcasing hard-edged, often political genre fiction at its finest….”
                 – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Six Stories by Kathe Koja
“Koja’s provocative storylines and evocative prose combine reality with invention, the supernatural with the everyday.”
           – New York Times Book Review

What I Didn’t See: Stories by Karen Fowler
“One of those writers who can write an almost thoroughly mainstream realistic story and nearly convince us we’re reading SF, or write an SF story and convince us we’re reading mainstream realism.”
               – Locus

Errantry: Strange Stories by Elizabeth Hand
“The magic in Elizabeth Hand’s short fiction can usually be found at its edges, just slightly out of reach. It’s there for a moment, but it’s hard to see without squinting. ”

Wild Things by C.C. Finlay
“[T]hese stories show Finlay exploring a variety of genres, bringing freshness and intelligence to them all… an absorbing and often surprising collection.”
               – Booklist