Lucy Sussex guest speaker at Crit Mass

Just a gentle reminder that we have Lucy Sussex as guest speaker on march 2nd. She’s here for the Writers Week, and has kindly agreed to talk to us about her recent book Blockbuster!: Fergus Hume and the Mystery of a Hansom Cab. At the turn of the 19th century, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab became an international publishing sensation. In many ways, the story of the publisher is equally fascinating. Turn up at 7pm at Kappys to find out the intriguing details!

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Lucy Sussex is the author of a number of novels and short stories; she has worked as a reviewer for The Age, and as an academic, she is a Fellow at the Federation University Ballarat, and La Trobe University.

In 1989 she won her first Ditmar Award for her short story “My Lady Tongue”. She won three further Ditmars, for her novel The Scarlet Rider (1997), novella “La Sentinelle” (2004), and short story “Absolute Uncertainty”. “Merlusine” won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story in 1998, and “La Sentinelle” won an Aurealis Award in 2003. In 2008 her short story “Mist and Murder” won a Sir Julius Vogel Award.

She was a judge for the international James Tiptree, Jr. Award award in 1995, and has subsequently judged the Age, Victorian Premier’s and ASAL gold medal awards.

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The Scarlet Rider Ticonderoga Publications, June 2015
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Thief of Lives Twelfth Planet Press four stories by Lucy Sussex