May 3rd Nova Mob – “The 22 Murders of Madison May”

Max Barry talks to his latest novel

Wednesday 3 April 2023

Best-selling author Max Barry is our guest on 3 May to tell us about his alternate worlds sliding doors trousers of time alternate histories novel The 22 Murders of Madison May. Many will recall his excellent and popular novel Jennifer Government followed by LexiconMadison May was published during lockdown and hasn’t had quite the same media presence but is equally enjoyable and even more unputdownable – it’s a one-sitting book. And Max is an excellent public speaker as well as writer.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ 

“In Queens, New York, 22-year-old real estate agent Madison May is showing a house. The buyer, a man she’s never met, is friendly, engaging . . . and claims to be her soulmate from a parallel life. She’s in danger, he tells her. He’s come to save her.

“Later that day, newspaper journalist Felicity Staples is assigned to report on Madison May’s murder. Discontent with her own life, Felicity finds herself drawn into a shocking conspiracy involving a powerful group who have harnessed the ability to slip between lives – to move between one version of reality to another.

“On the run, turned into an imposter in her own life, Felicity is forced to seek the truth behind Madison May, the woman who is murdered over and over, in different ways, wherever she goes. For only by saving Madison May can Felicity reassemble the broken pieces of herself.”

Max Barry is the author of numerous novels, including Jennifer GovernmentCompanyMachine ManLexicon and Providence. He is also the developer of the online nation simulation game NationStates. Prior to his writing career, Barry worked at tech giant HP. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and two daughters.

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Max Barry and The 22 Murders of Madison May

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Vale Lee Harding

Lee Harding, author of Displaced Person, passed away 19 April

Very sad to learn that Lee Harding, Australian SF and Children’s writer, photographer, and anthologist, passed away today peacefully after an illness (1937-2023). Chandler, Ditmar, and Australia Children’s Book Award winner (for Displaced Person v.t. Misplaced Persons) Condolences to family, friends, and fans.

“Dearest friends of Lee,

Dad passed away peacefully, in the care of a beautiful staff member, at 6.30 this morning. While I know he is no longer suffering, the sadness is immense.

I hope you have many wonderful, happy memories of him, and that you take the time to celebrate his life in whatever way you find fitting.“

The June Nova Mob will be a celebration of Lee Harding’s life. Please lock in June 7 in your diaries.

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Sean Williams news

Music by theAdelaidian 

Sean Williams (composing as “theAdelaidean”) invites listeners into ambient spaces inspired by his voyage to Casey research station as the 2017 Australian Antarctic Divisions’ Arts Fellow, Thursday 22 June 2023 at Flinders University Museum of Art.

His tenth album for Projekt Records, Hyperaurea: Echoes of Antarctica reflects on his experiences during the fellowship and, fittingly, is as vast and mysterious as the continent that inspired it, running for just under four hours. 

This presentation includes the album in its entirety, with a visual response created by Shane Bevin that references in part the diaries of Professor John Long, transforming the FUMA gallery into a celebration of Midwinter’s Day that the audience can enter and leave at will.

Podcast by Sean Williams

theAdelaidean (with his writing hat on) has a new season of The Word Docs beginning right now. This podcast, produced and edited by him with co-presenters Amy and Alex, explores the publishing industry through multiple lenses, and is a lot of fun! First episode here.

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